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Why does a subluxation occur?

​From pregnancy, and all the way throughout the early post natal period, mothers can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Expecting moms are afflicted with a special group of issues that happen to respond excellently to chiropractic care. ​During the second and third trimester, the hormone Relaxin is released. Relaxin causes Mom's ligaments to relax and allows them to stretch, which is needed for delivering a child. However, this relaxed state of the ligaments often causes low back pain because the ligaments that hold the hip joints together become stretched, resulting in the hip joints becoming easily misaligned. On top of that, during the third trimester, the extra abdominal weight causes a tilted posture that makes the back muscles work twice as hard. This results in back stiffness and pain due to hyperactive muscles. Chiropractic adjustments help correct that posture and realign the spine and hip joints in a way that allows the weight to bear evenly down the back. Chiropractors use special techniques on expecting moms that are gentle and harmless to the baby.

Stay Balanced

Did you know that if your body's pH is below or above 7.0 is an indicator of disease? There are a number of factors that can cause an acidic pH such as an acidic diets, depression, too many toxins and/or immune reactions. If our blood becomes acidic, our blood cells will be deprived of oxygen causing many cells to die overtime. Mangos are listed as an alkaline forming fruit, helping the cells of the human body depends on a balanced acid-alkaline pH." If our cells lack oxygen they do not all die. Some adapt and become abnormal causing cancer.