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Chiropractic Pattern Work

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As human beings, no matter how hard we try to grow and evolve, all of us end up repeating patterns in our thoughts, emotions and most importantly our physical actions. Whether you are an active athlete, cross-town commuter or an avid computer user, habits are being created that reinforce patterns of imbalance in muscle memory. Overtime these muscle imbalances can lead to spinal misalignment. In chiropractic we refer to these as subluxation patterns. These same patterns of imbalance in the physical body may indirectly affect mental and emotional health, as well as general quality of life.

While treating subluxation patterns our primary goal is to achieve optimal function of the nervous system. Chiropractic care works toward realigning the spine, in turn freeing innate potential and allowing the body to reintegrate stagnant energy patterns. Incidentally, we are not just concentrating on the structural alignment of the spine, at the same time we work directly with the nervous system through energetic release of focal point areas.

It is theorized that subluxation patterns store potential energy, and as long as they remain present they are indicators of a nervous system not operating at 100% of its functional potential. To objectively observe results while correcting spinal alignment, we are also closely monitoring neurological function. There are various methods of assessing neurological function including exercises and infrared scanners. Also, other subtle energy patterns can be observed, such as postural imbalances, metabolic changes, and emotional energetic changes.

After monitoring these patterns over time it can be determined when a system is stuck in pattern. The good news is that when the system finally releases a pattern, it is thought to be integrating potential energy as well as adapting and evolving to a higher state of function. As these patterns release, new patterns will emerge. With every new pattern released, a human being can continue to increase to higher states of function. Additionally, there would be no limit to the potential benefit they can receive from chiropractic care.

In summary, Pattern work is just chiropractic care with the intent of freeing stagnant energy patterns and allowing the nervous system, along with the entire person, to function at its best.