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Children should have regular checkups by a chiropractor. Just as they would have a dentist check for proper alignment or disease indicators, a chiropractor checks for alignment and nervous system health. Proper spinal alignment directly results in a better functioning nervous system due to the intimate relationship between the spinal cord and vertebrae. Having an optimally functioning nervous system allows growing children to easily integrate activities in their daily lives. Also, many childhood illnesses like allergies, asthma, and recurring ear or tonsil infections respond well to chiropractic treatment due to heightened nervous system function.

Whether it is a fall off a bike or stress from carrying heavy backpacks, there are many causes for subluxations in young ones. If your child has never been checked for nervous system interference, please don't wait any longer, schedule an appointment today.

Raising a newborn can be an overwhelming task for Moms. With all the new car seats, doctor's visits and lifestyle changes that come with having a newborn, moms sometimes neglect to have their babies' spines and nervous system checked. All the while they do not realize that interference in the nervous system is something that an average Ob/Gyn, pediatrician, or family doctor doesn't check for. This is why it is so important that children receive chiropractic care.

Why have a newborn checked?

During childbirth, an infant’s neck is often stretched, tugged, or stressed in a way that may affect their health and the function of their spine. Even during a smooth natural pregnancy at home, the baby's journey through the canal puts enough strain on their tiny spine and nervous system to cause a subluxation. So its important to have your child looked at by a chiropractor. Especially if any of the following symptoms are present:

Is chiropractic safe for kids?

For children, an adjustment is a gentle force application that is carefully delivered much softer then an adult adjustment and with a reduced amount of force. Kids love to be adjusted and they feel great afterward. As children visit our office they begin to understand the importance of chiropractic while they grow and experience a more vibrant life. If your child has previously received chiropractic care, and it has been a while since their last visit, make an appointment today. We look forward to sharing this chiropractic experience with you and your family.